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Handmade Silver Headpiece for Brides and Guests.
We hand knit this jewel with silver threads, each piece is unique. ANDREA is the perfect comb if you want to have a simple and different jewel on your hair.

– It is malleable, which is ideally suited for any hairstyle (half updos, buns whether side buns and pulled back bun hairstyles)
– It is very lightweight, an essential advantage to feel comfortable and to wear it without noticing.
– Available in silver or gold plated.

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9cm x 6,5cm / 3.5in x 2.5in

Silver thread (.999) and metal hair comb.
The silver we use comes from Peru, it is called .999 because it has no alloys with other metals. It is of maximum purity.
All our jewels are protected with a special varnish to maintain its natural silver color.

– Each jewel is numbered with a certificate of quality in an exclusive box.
– Hair comb is inserted in the headpiece so you can place it in your hair very easily.

Paola de la Peña /recipient of two FAD awards/ designs every piece in Barcelona, Spain. The production is handmade in a small and fast-growing community in Lima, Peru, by very talented knitters under fair trade terms.
The technique has been passed down for generations and it is highly difficult.  It entails working with a rigid feel material, which prevents any errors. Paola, the designer and founder of this firm, learned it from her Peruvian grandmother “La Cala”. In her honor, the brand takes her name.

dificultad ya que se trabaja con un material de tacto rígido que no permite errores.

Paola, la diseñadora y fundadora de esta firma lo aprendió de niña de su bisabuela peruana “La Cala”. En honor a ella, esta marca lleva su nombre.


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